Spring in Pearland

As we start the beginning of February, I am thrilled to report we have had the most amazing weather here in Pearland. The average highs this week are hovering around 75°. The city of Houston….5-10 minutes away…is bustling with Superbowl excitement, and there is a new energy in the air.

For some people, Spring cleaning is on their minds, and others are beginning to wonder if it’s time to put their house up for sale.

If you have children, and you’re thinking about a move, Springtime is when all of that “wondering” comes down to decision time. Sellers with school aged children ideally want to sell their home right after school gets out, and they want to be in their new home before school starts in the Fall. That really doesn’t give everyone much of a window.

My advice to those on the fence is to sit down and make a pros and cons list. Why do you want to sell? What are some of the issues you find in your own home that you want changed in a new one? Does your home need a major face lift or just some sprucing up? There are many things that need to be determined before you make a final decision.

One thing to consider, at least here in Pearland, is that there is a shortage of resale homes on the market. If you do decide to sell, and your home is in good to great shape, you are looking at a very short turnaround time. At times, houses are sold the day they go on the market, and others take a week or two, depending on many factors like location, sale price, and curb appeal.

And not only are homes selling very quickly, they are selling near asking price, and in some cases, over. I have been in several bidding wars over a home, and I know what an emotional process that can be for the buyers. For the sellers, it’s a dream come true.

Pearland does have several master-planned communities that are building some wonderful homes, especially down the 288 corridor. However, please don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because you are purchasing from a new home builder that you don’t need a Realtor representing you. You absolutely do! Remember that the builder’s Realtors…the ones in the model homes… are trying to get the most money for the builder. They are NOT representing you. It’s nice to know that you have someone looking out for YOUR best interesting and is laser focused on getting you the house of your dreams for the lowest price possible.

So, if you are thinking about selling, it’s time to make that final decision…should we stay or should we go. Calling a Realtor in before you decide can be really helpful as well because they can give you a good estimate of what you will be able to ask for your home. I always provide my prospective clients with a free market analysis. That let’s my prospective clients see exactly what the homes in their area have sold for recently. It’s a good place to start for many sellers, and for most, it gives them peace of mind that their decision to sell is a good one.

If you are ready to put the FOR SALE sign in your yard or are thinking seriously about it, give me a shout.

I am able to save sellers hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars on their sale that other Realtors may not be able to do. And when you are making a big decision, like selling your home, every penny counts.

Happy decision time,

Kim 🙂




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