Curb Appeal Matters in Pearland, TX

With the lack of inventory in Pearland, you would think that curb appeal wouldn’t really matter much, but it most definitely does.

Just today, while walking in my own neighborhood I found several homes that had great curb appeal, like the one at the top of this post.

The house had plenty of shade, but still let in light so it wouldn’t look scary. The yardwo,k looked up to date, and grass was well mowed. The symmetry created by the 2 palms immediately draws your eye to the front door. It looks welcoming and inviting.

I took another picture to share with you of a house with not so great curb appeal. Didn’t know I could only share one picture at a time. The other house was in the same neighborhood, but not nearly as inviting.  But if you are really serious about selling, you have to do things that make your home stand out. We know your sprucing up the inside, but don’t forget about the outside of your house. Buyers will pass on by if your home doesn’t speak to them at some level. Give them reasons to want to stop and see more of your home. Plus, like it or not, buyers think if you take care of the outside, the inside will be great too and vice versa.

So after all the painting, putting in new windows maybe or swapping out some light fixtures, turn your attention to the outside of your house. Look at if from across the street with objective eyes or bring a trusted friend if you can’t be objective about your own home. Take a walk around your neighborhood and check out what others are doing that make their curb appeal so great, then start to work on your own yard. Once you’re finished, offers will be flying in, and possibly for even above asking if you did it right.



Kim Fox


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