We Want a Brand New House Near Pearland

With the booming economy in and around Pearland, there are many builders building homes as fast as they possibly can. On any given day, you can see all the traffic the new model homes attract. Many buyers may think, “Wow, this is great. We can buy from a builder and save on commission.” Wrong….

First of all, in Texas, it is the seller who pays the Realtor’s commission.

Secondly, a builder’s Realtor is working in the best interest of the builder….NOT YOU, even if they seem so sweet, and nice, and helpful.

Thirdly, you don’t want to walk into a new construction situation without a Realtor of your own whose job it is to get YOU the best deal possible with the most upgrades as you would like. This Realtor will walk you through the process, go with you to any visits with the builder that you would like, and of course, negotiate for you so that you don’t pay way too much for your new home.

The advantages to buying a brand new home are numerous….full warranty on everything, brand new appliances, no having to paint over the seller’s favorite color RED in all the rooms.

Just keep in mind, without a Realtor working for YOU, you may miss some opportunities you are entitled too…if you had known to ask, and you may pay more for the house.

So, if you’re looking for a resale or brand new home, you want a Realtor who will work for YOU and you alone. That would be me. Let me work to get you into the house of your dreams at a fair price you deserve.

I’m just a phone call away.

Kim Fox

Pearland Specialist


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